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Goalie Rick DiPietro Knocked Out in Fight

Thursday 3 February 2011 @ 5:54 pm

In the hockey fight video on February 2nd, 2011, New York Islander’s Rick DiPietro take a cheap shot on Pittsburgh Penguin’s Matt Cook with his blocker because Matt Cook has been pissing him off in recent games. The two teams skirmish a bit and then the Pengiun’s goalie, Brent Johnson, decides to have a go at a fight with DiPietro.  This hockey goalie fight doesn’t last long with only one bunch thrown, but we aren’t disappointed. Johnson gets a left handed hook punch and knocks Dipietro out on the first punch.

It’s so rare the NHL goalies fight, always a treat to see. Can’t remember the last time a goalie fight resulted in a KO.

Good Old Goalie Fight with Roy and Osgood

Thursday 6 May 2010 @ 7:01 am

My favorite hockey rivalry was the one between the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Redwings in the late 1990s. They were two of the best teams of that time and would often meet in the most spectacular playoff series.

Here is one of the best hockey fights ever! Patrick Roy, a hockey goalie legend, and Chris Osgood square off in a heated game and now a heated battle. The announcer of this fight is loving it and gives some amazing commentary.

Enjoy this great goalie fight!

Record Setting NHL Hockey Brawl

Saturday 1 May 2010 @ 8:25 am

In this crazy hockey fighting video we see the bloody hockey brawl that set the NHL record for the most penalty minutes handed out ever with 419 minutes combined between the two teams. This bloody hockey brawl occurred on March 5th, 2004, near the end of the NHL regular season, in a game heated matchup between the Ottawa Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers.

The fighting starts with big time career NHL enforcer Rob Ray of the Ottawa Senators fighting versus another long time hockey enforcer Donald Brashear of the Philderlphia Flyers in a bloody hockey fight. After that fight, all hell breaks loose with every player on both teams fighting off the faceoff numerous times in a row. Even the two goalies, Patrick Lalime and Robert Esche, go at it but it’s a poor showing from the two of them.

This hockey fight was so big that it even has a BIG Wikipedia page about it!