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Police Called to a Line Brawl in KHL

Friday 17 December 2010 @ 3:31 pm

Insane hockey fight in Russia in the Kontinental Hockey League. Ever since the events on January 9th, 2010, when Darcy Verot shot a puck intentionally at Lasse Kukkonen, every time Avangard Osk and Vityaz Checkov meet, a big hockey fight takes place.

This is the latest match between the two teams, where Darcy Verot and Joshua Gretton of Vityaz Checkov start a line brawl just 6 seconds into the first period. They were later summoned to the police station to answer questions about starting a mass brawl.  Due to these fights, people are calling for the Chckov team to be kicked out of the KHL. The fight is very intense with what is a lot of hate between these two rivals, which is probably the biggest rivalry in the KHL at the moment.

Former NHL hockey player Martin Skoula was also involved in this hockey brawl, having to go to the hospital with a concussion.

Daniel Corso Bloodies Up Adam Larsson in Sweden

Tuesday 30 November 2010 @ 2:36 am

What a crazy fight for a European hockey league, where fighting carries suspensions and happens very rarely. In this extreme hockey fight video 17 year old Swedish Elite League player Adam Larsson fights 32 year old Daniel Corso, a career minor leaguer who previously played a decade in the AHL.

Adam Larsson of the Skelleftea AIK  looks like he’s winning the hockey fight at first, with lots of strong solid punches on Daniel Corso. Things change near the end when the Timra IK assistant captain gets a couple solid bunches and really bloodies up Larsson’s face. As this bloody fight is finished and Larsson walks off the ice, we see his face, more than half of it is red, soaked with blood.

Who says the European leagues aren’t tough. This video shows a different story. The refs also let them fight for almost 30 seconds too!